Additive Manufacturing

LasergenerierenThe method

Laser generating / laser melting means that components are built up in layers from powdery metallic production material (e.g. steel 1.2709, stainless steel 1.4542 / 17-4, Corrax, aluminum, Inconel, titanium). The laser is controlled by 3D/CAD-data. Thin layers of the powder material will be applied on a base element and subsequently fused to the required contour by laser.

These process steps will be repeated continuously until the tool is finished in the final geometry. Any unused powder material will be recovered and completely reused for further productions.

Depending on the size of the work-piece, the processing time ranges between a few hours and several days. The required hardness will be achieved by a following thermal treatment.

Your benefits

Massive time savings:

The ideal case allows the availability of the tool only a few hours after completing the design process. Common time losses do not apply.

Gains in flexibility:

Laser melting allows the integration of design modifications and the production of different versions in the original process in a short time after creating a sample.

Quality Enhancement:

Laser melting enables the construction of more complex tools in comparison to conventional methods. Thereby you achieve a quality improvement of your products.

Progress of productivity:

The installation of conformal cooling systems in injection molding tools allows the reduction of production cycles.

Cost reduction:

Laser generated mold inserts made of original material usually have higher service lifes than those who are conventionally produced. In combination with the advantages listed above there are significant cost savings possible.