Laser marking

LaserbeschriftenThe method

Laser-marked labels stand out with their precisely cut typefaces and abrasion resistance on many different materials such as metals or plastics.

Application possibilities are equally numerous, from personalizing unique objects to labeling mass produced parts and mold inserts (e.g. PA6.6GF30VO ) to scaling measuring and for plates, date stamps, creating of scripture electrodes …

bkl lasertechnik offers rational and reasonably priced solutions in excellent quality for a variety possible tasks of inscription with a wide range of typographic options.

We inscribe:

  • Contact-free
  • permanent
  • flexible

For instance:

  • Mold inserts
  • Clich├ęs
  • Modification of date stamps
  • Electrodes
  • Plates
  • Identification numbers, serial numbers, article numbers
  • Logos