Laser texturing

LaserstrukturierungThe method

By using laser texturing – also referred to as 3D-abrasion – complex surface structures/ textures will be brought by laser onto three-dimensional metallic or ceramic objects. Abrasion is controlled via gray-shadings. Therefore technical scars on three-dimensional surfaces do not cause a problem. In contrast to the existing method the result is exactly reproducible, due to the digitally available structures.

In collaboration with a designer we have already developed a wide range of available surface structures/textures. Of course it is also possible to design your structure according to your own requirements. New possibilities arise, for example to create individual designs for packagings or interiors.

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Your benefits

  • Individual design of textures
  • Flexible and quick manufacturing of structured tool surfaces
  • Extended and variable depth range
  • Exactly reproducible structures of three-dimensional geometries and surfaces
  • Distortion-free placements
  • Flowing transitions of different structures
  • Environmentally friendly process