Analysen von bkl lasertechnik

Filling and cooling analyses

Filling analyses avoid bad design in the molding- and tool development already in an early phase and thereby prevent complex and expensive tool modifications. bkl-lasertechnik offers computer-based solutions for a professional simulation and analysis of the filling and cooling behavior in the plastics manufacturing. At the same time it is possible, among others, to create several alternatives for the conformal cooling of the tool and to determine the optimal one.

Our simulation software allows detailed analyses of all phases of the filling and cooling process. The main focus is on three critical elements in the production of plastic parts:

  • Hot spots
  • Air inclusions
  • Weld lines

Flow simulation

With our new flow simulation we can show liquid flows and heat/thermal transfers fast and uncomplicated which is important for the success of your construction.
Thereby we can simulate the flow of liquids or gases under “real” conditions. Because of that we can achieve optimized flow gradients with continuous heat states at your tool surfaces, even before starting the production.